Beware, there are energy vampires around

Contemporary theories abstain from confirming or totally rejecting the existence of vampirism because it is more of a mystical phenomenon.

Throughout the day, coming into contact with a variety of individuals, people exchange, lose or receive energy, the vital driving power of their life. It is quite possible that during such contacts you encounter people who are real “parasites” who consciously or unconsciously absorb and drain out your energy, disposition or ideas…

In the presence of a panic vampire people feel defenseless and strained, against their own will. Energy predators can manifest themselves in a variety of forms and appearances

( “the sob sister”, “the blamer”, “the eternal victim”, “the blamer”, “the blabbermouths”, “the drama queen”, “the perpetual miserable”, “the joke-teller” and many others); therefore the instruments to fight them are diverse, too.

But before we proceed to the weapons against psychological vampires, let us consider some of the behavioral patterns and themes used by these people. Typically, energy vampires constantly complain about their, their living conditions and everything else to create a negative ambience around theme. Their life is always packed with problems and represents an endless maze of unsolvable predicaments. A vampire thinks of himself/herself as an unfortunate person who is unable to find a way out of the state of absolute despair.

Psychologists use alternative terms for the energy vampires: “difficult person”, “psychic predator”, “ energivore ” or others, but they all refer to the same phenomenon  with inconsequential differences. Psychic predators are everywhere: at home, at the workplace, among friends, etc. interestingly, the most important thing for an energy vampire is the reaction of the interlocutor. For the sake of that reaction the vampire would be ready to touch the most tender strings in a person’s heart. Contact with an energivore leaves exhaustion and a feeling of utter emptiness. There can even be a feeling of guilt for the vampire’s problems, whereas the vampire walks away in a better mood and energized because of the energy “stolen” from the other person with nothing given in return.

It is worth mentioning that everyone goes through the phase of vampirism, but some people manage to come out of that “state” with cheerfulness and joy, whereas others remain vampires till the end of their days.

The mentality of vampirism forms in early childhood, an essential factor being the attention and care from the family and concord between the parents.

Psychologists recommend different techniques to overcome the repercussions of interaction with a vampire, including silence, sarcasm, riposte, impenetrability, distance, self-esteem and others. We have presented below some of the doctor-recommended methods and options that may help protect yourself from people that feed off your vital energy during the encounters described above.

  • Loosen the tension:

Make a physical effort to control your emotions and regulate your breathing; recall all the “bad” words that have been said and memorize them until you stop caring about them;

Humor is a great tool to ease the tension. Typically, people tend to conceive the “proper” response a little later than needed, so it should be reinforced with sharp jokes that may turn out to be quite effective in the combat against the energy vampires;

  • Stop thinking about it;

This is a command to your brain that should be repeated every time you think about the energy predator or the vampire how unpleasant and repulsive his/her behavior is;

  • Confrontation:

This is an effective tool to oppose the energy vampire by telling him/her what you really think about the things he/she said. When using this method your voice must sound emphatic and clear;

  • Disputing:

Sometimes arguing may be the only way to oppose an energy predator. The setback here is that your anger may you be so overwhelming that you may have to shout to release yourself from depressing emotions;

  • Love and kindness:

Sometimes people turn into vampires due lack of caring and tenderness; therefore the only way to subjugate this kind of people may be to show kindness and affection;

  • Imaginary game:

Try create a mental picture that you are beating up the energy vampire or that the energy vampire or that the vampire is a tree year-old baby. The rule that applies here is that you can imagine any ridiculous situation that is able to easy the tension;

  • Stepping back:

If none of the methods described above works, then you should simply step back from communicating with an energy vampire and just walk away.

According to some theories, you can talk to an energy vampire with arms crossed across your chest, or you may look out of the window pretending that you are listening but picturing that you are in a pleasant place, etc. However, none of the methods may be effective if you do not explore into yourself for the features that attract the vampires. After all, it wound to be totally unreasonable to blame innocent people for every casualty or accidental failure and accuse every single person of vampirism.

Msheci (Ani Karapetyan)